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"The mission is clear: 

 More, More, More, More . . . NOW!!!"


Minkus PR is dedicated to providing corporations, associations and individuals with public relations counseling and reputation management services, including media relations, financial and issue / crisis communications, content creation and SEO elevations, vital to successfully achieve their goals employing both the traditional and social media.

Minkus PR works in concert with clients to create and implement communications programs that effectively and efficiently meet and exceed the stated objectives. The firm is renown for its sensitivities and sensibilities in structuring goal oriented programs, conclusively attaining the desired results -- on time and within budget.


The firm serves as a trusted advisor to its clients, rendering prudent, expert advice on the handling of each and every situation.  Counsel is based on decades of of experience contending with a diversity of assignments. 


The process commences with an understanding of the objectives, agreement on expectations and integration of the client and Minkus PR resources.  From this solid foundation, planning segues into powerful communications initiatives which generate significant results in its clients’ important marketplaces.


Building Identities, Protecting Reputations, Enhancing Asset      And Brand Value                              For More Than Three Decades

In serving clients as counselors in strategic public relations, Minkus PR develops and implements programs contending with the full spectrum of corporate, financial, issue, crisis and marketing communications.


Minkus PR serves clients in:


  •  Business and Professional Services
  •  Financial Services
  •  Technology
  •  Health Care
  •  Manufacturing
  •  Consumer Products
  •  Food and Beverage
  •  Travel and Tourism
  •  High Volume and Specialty Retail
  •  Education
  •  Associations
  •  Not-for-profit
  •  Government


The firm brings an unusual level of understanding and breadth of successful experience in the many areas with which businesses must contend, including:


  • Corporate / Organization Reputation Management
  • Financial Communications and Relations
  • Acquisitions / Mergers / Divestitures
  • Issue Management / Crisis Communications
  • Government and Community Relations
  • Economic Development
  • Strategic Marketing and Branding Strategies
  • Research 
  • Litigation Support
  • Internet and Social Media


Support is provided through our skills in:


  • Planning and Messaging
  • Media Relations
  • Media Counseling
  • Merdia Training
  • Research, Benchmarking, Monitoring and Analysis
  • Collateral Development and Production
  • Interactive Communications, the Internet and Social Media 
  • Special services including Communications Program Asset Development and Management and Web Content Remediation.









Inquire about Minkus PR, how we see the world and how our regional, national and international clients have quickly benefited from precisely delivered persuasive communications.




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                                 * Corporate & Financial Communications

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                                 * Research / Messaging / Planning

                                 * Content Development & SEO Management

                                 * Social Media


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The Chief Marketing Officer sees an expanding market for retro fashion. 


The Vice President of Human Resources sees less than productive employees.


The Chief Financial Officer sees the potential value in under performing real estate.   


The General Counsel sees trespassing, possible ground water contamination and potential sexual harassment -- and that is after just a cursory glance.


Minkus PR sees the entire picture and with great clarity.  The firm  applies its decades of experience and 360 degree vision to provide comprehensive strategic communications solutions sensitive to the specific needs of its clients and their leadership. 

Explore how Minkus PR employs all forms of traditional, social media and Internet services to solve problems and take advantage of opportunities.  The firm's portfolio of success is testament to strong working partnerships with clients and their trust that Minkus PR will deliver results that meet and exceed expectations.