Minkus PR Offers Gratitude

Brad Bennett is the artist / creator of many of the illustrations appearing on the Minkus PR website.  Brad resides in St. Augustine, Florida, but since 1981 his work can be found everywhere. He has completed more than 10 suites of illustrations, including those appearing in his “Chicago” and “Chicago Too” series of which examples appear herein. His limited edition collections are registered as books with the Library of Congress under the classification of American history.  In fact, Brad’s “The United States of America” (Vol. I) has been used as a protocol selection by the State Department for the White House. Commissions have been completed for dozens of private and corporate collections as a well as The U.S. Coast Guard, N.A.S.A, Remy Amerique and the Midwest Stock Exchange, among others.   

Gordon Tillen possesses the eye that captured the sunrise and fascinating underwater images appearing on the Minkus PR website. Gordon dives almost daily in the waters nearby his home in the Philippines.  In his nearly 50 years of sea exploration, he has captured pictures of the most interesting marine life around the world. He is currently completing a book on the underwater life of Dauin, the community in which he resides.

Minkus Public Relations is grateful for the contributions Brad and Gordon have made to the firm’s website and permission to use their outstanding images.  


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The Chief Marketing Officer sees an expanding market for retro fashion. 


The Vice President of Human Resources sees less than productive employees.


The Chief Financial Officer sees the potential value in under performing real estate.   


The General Counsel sees trespassing, possible ground water contamination and potential sexual harassment -- and that is after just a cursory glance.


Minkus PR sees the entire picture and with great clarity.  The firm applies its decades of experience and 360 degree vision to create and execute  communications programs sensitive to the specific needs of its clients and their leadership. 

Explore how Minkus PR employs all forms of traditional, social media and Internet services to solve problems and take advantage of opportunities.  The firm's portfolio of success is testament to strong working partnerships with clients and their trust that Minkus PR will deliver results that meet and exceed expectations.