The student in the otherwise vacant visitor's gallery wants to know what became of the people, the pointing and the yelling. 

Educated investors keep an eye on Euro fluctuations and risk managers find efficiencies in life beyond the once live trading marketplace.

The investigative financial reporter no longer hears the closing bell from a floor gone dark in a world now subject to 24-hour trading. These situations all exemplify the requirement for wide ranging sensitivity and the ability to craft communications programs meeting very specific informational needs in rapidly changing marketplaces.


MINKUS CommunicaLytics

The world is a multi-dimensional puzzle filled with untold numbers of special interests and personal concerns jockeying for our immediate attention.  The decision making process is further complicated by the unseen integers which potentially are part of the equation.  


From your vantage point, one can see the sun rising from the sea, shedding light on the day ahead.   From the exactly the same spot, another may believe they are seeing the sun setting beyond the horizon.  Communications professionals thrive on resolving this conundrum, understanding that both truth and perception can be concurrent realities.  As such, there are no single solutions to tackling an issue nor is there a single answer for taking advantage of an opportunity.


Minkus Public Relations' CommunicaLytics makes order out of chaos.  Minkus PR uses a matrix for planning and leverage.  Important audiences are identified  --  be they media, employee, shareholder or partner, analyst, prospect or customer, vendor, legislator or regulator and / or concerned neighbor.  Specific goals and messages are developed and honed and then impactful programs are precisely delivered through the optimum choice of tradional and / or new media contacts.


Efficient and productive leverage is painstakingly sought from the creation and implementation of all programs.  As such, Minkus PR endeavors to attain qualifiable and quantifiable results from deployment of programs across multiple levels of the matrix.  This demands the use of a combination of traditional communications conduits as well as expertise in the burgeoning myriad of interactive channels including social media.







Minkus PR is sensitive to all stakeholders in the communications process. Narrative content is matched with interesting imagery to create compelling commuications.  




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The Chief Marketing Officer sees an expanding market for retro fashion. 


The Vice President of Human Resources sees less than productive employees.


The Chief Financial Officer sees the potential value in under performing real estate.   


The General Counsel sees trespassing, possible ground water contamination and potential sexual harassment -- and that is after just a cursory glance.


Minkus PR sees the entire picture and with great clarity.  The firm applies its decades of experience and 360 degree vision to create and execute  communications programs sensitive to the specific needs of its clients and their leadership. 

Explore how Minkus PR employs all forms of traditional, social media and Internet services to solve problems and take advantage of opportunities.  The firm's portfolio of success is testament to strong working partnerships with clients and their trust that Minkus PR will deliver results that meet and exceed expectations.