Raymond D. Minkus

Raymond Minkus has more than three decades of experience as a professional communicator, the majority of which have been focused on helping organizations use the burgeoning myriad of channels available to productively, cost-effectively and conclusively solve problems or take advantage of opportunities.  Ray is both a leader and hands on manager who directly participates as a team member to shape, direct and implement corporate, financial and marketing public relations programs. He is most highly regarded for the ability to quickly assess complicated situations, craft innovative strategies and manage teams of professionals singularly focused on generating results.


Ray has shaped and directed the implementation of corporate, financial and marketing public relations programs for entities ranging from emerging growth companies to institutions included amongst the largest in the world. Notably, he is regarded among public relations professionals and the broader business community for his ability to influence opinions and generate meaningful, positive results.


Exemplary leadership:

  • Technology  --  Creation of the first Internet services organization and first search engine optimization (SEO) service owned and managed by a public relations firm;  creation of the "Extranet" concept and coining that term;  first reported use of the Internet for conducting a press / media conference; specialization in remediating harmful Internet content; and creation of the first private use totally automated comprehensive database of national media.
  • Professional Concentration  --  A pioneer in the fields of financial and professional services communications, leading to the success and growth of many major financial service providers, accounting firms and legal practices;  Additionally has successfully managed many issue and crisis situations, including those involving class action sexual harrassment, industrial espionage, financial fraud, product tampering, wrongful death, labor actions, legislative inquisition and others. 
  • Strategic Media Relations  --  Actively supports entities contending with complicated situations and serves when needed as spokesperson on matters involving dynamic change (merger, acquisition, divestiture, bankruptcy, turn-around, leadership transition), human resource matters, litigation, regulatory and criminal investigations and other significant issues; directly placed thousands of positive compelling news and feature articles and stories in traditional print and broadcast media as well as Internet; and expert in on-line media and building social communities.
  • Integrated Communications and Specialized Programs  --  Comprehensive involvement in many corporate and/or brand positioning or repositioning activities leading to category dominance, increase in asset value or favorable exit strategy; running parallel integrated marketing and public affairs initiatives; producing innovative programs during periods of corporate or organizational stress that successfully neutralize a problem and / or situationally turn it into a positve; and serving as a litigation support resource in various legal matters. 


Ray has an uncanny ability to peer below the surface to see what others might miss.  This skill has been evident throughout his career as a financial journalist and in corporate public relations.


Ray earned a Bachelor of Journalism Degree from the University of Missouri School of Journalism where his studies concentrated on business / financial news - journalism and economics. Subsequently, he joined Capital Cities' (now ABC-Disney) Fairchild Publications as a reporter in New York City and Chicago where he covered consumer durables manufacturing and retailing segments. He then became a business and financial news reporter and columnist for The Milwaukee Journal/Sentinel and concurrently served as Wisconsin correspondent for the Reuters News Service.


Ray joined the Miller Brewing Company and eventually served as its national spokesperson on matters involving public relations, public affairs and marketing communications. At Miller, he was responsible for overseeing all corporate communications and brand public relations activities as well as coordinating communications with then parent Philip Morris and sister Seven-Up. He participated in communications and public affairs efforts covering more than $2 billion of large scale development projects nationwide and also directed the public relations launch of the Lite Beer All-Star Program involving 72 celebrities and former athletes as spokespersons. Additionally, he chaired the company’s 125th anniversary proceedings and the off shoot Miller 125 Sports Poll identifying the 125 greatest athletes of all time.


Ray transitioned to a role as agency executive, first with Weiser Minkus Walek Communications and then Minkus & Dunne Strategic Communications.   During his leadership of M&D, Raymond drove the initiative to create ArakNet Communications, one of the early Internet Service Providers and the first to be owned by a traditional public relations organization. As Chairman of ArakNet, he expanded on the ISP platform to create both Interactive Warehouse, a pioneer in the delivery of 360 degree imaging for large scale development projects, and Search Muscle, an SEO tool developed for web site owners to elevate sites in the search engine hierarchies.


Those entities were merged into Los Alamos Technical Associates in 1999 where Ray served as a Senior Vice President of that company’s technology services group as well as President of its consulting division through 2002.


Ray has been involved in numerous civic and charitable endeavors. He has served the Better Business Bureau of Northern Illinois as a member of its Board of Directors. He also has served on the Board of Directors, Executive Committee and as a Division Chairman for the Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce -- where he was honored as a “Volunteer of the Year.” Other activities include past board memberships with the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and the Illinois Mental Health Association, among others.


He has been involved with the U.S. Holocaust Museum in Washington, D.C., as a member of a major event committee.  He and Minkus PR also are supporters of the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel where he is a former Board Member of the American Committee for the Weizmann Institute of Science (ACWIS).


Ray writes and speaks on topics related to corporate and financial communications, issues and crises, marketing public relations and the Internet and technology. He also has been the recipient of a number of communications awards.


He has produced two books (one on identifying financial fraud), as the creative director, executive editor and publisher for “The Money Magicians” and also co-produced “Everything You Always Wanted to Know about the Lite Beer All Stars, And More.”




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                        Chicago, Illinois USA  /  Global Resources 



The Chief Marketing Officer sees an expanding market for retro fashion. 


The Vice President of Human Resources sees less than productive employees.


The Chief Financial Officer sees the potential value in under performing real estate.   


The General Counsel sees trespassing, possible ground water contamination and potential sexual harassment -- and that is after just a cursory glance.


Minkus PR sees the entire picture and with great clarity.  The firm applies its decades of experience and 360 degree vision to create and execute  communications programs sensitive to the specific needs of its clients and their leadership. 

Explore how Minkus PR employs all forms of traditional, social media and Internet services to solve problems and take advantage of opportunities.  The firm's portfolio of success is testament to strong working partnerships with clients and their trust that Minkus PR will deliver results that meet and exceed expectations.